1040 South Beechfield Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21229

(410) 242-6303

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There are so many ways to support our mission. Contact us to find out more about volunteer opportunities, ASL hours, fundraising events, and ways to get our message to your friends and family. 

Christ Deaf United Methodist Church

1040 South Beechfield Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21229, United States

(410) 242-6303


Other, by appointment

Rev. Dr. Sandi Johnson (will return Oct 1st)

410-242-6303 voice
443-681-6878 VP
email: SJohnson@bwcumc.org

Rev. Emily Hart

410-242-3603 x2 Voice

410-317-8414 VP

email: EHart@bwcumc.org

Kathleen Jeffra

(410) 242-3603 Voice
(410) 202-2160 VP
e-mail: DeafShalomZone@gmail.com​ 

Deborah Hasan

410-242-3603 Voice

443-226-0870 VP

email: DeafShalomZone.cm2@gmail.com

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