1040 South Beechfield Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21229

(410) 242-6303

Welcome to Christ Deaf UMC

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Sunday Worship

We worship every Sunday at 12 noon at 1040 S Beechfield Ave and on our Facebook account. We believe all people should have access to worship in their own language. Worship is culturally Deaf and in ASL first. We provide: 

  • ASL for the Deaf
  • Tactile interpretation for the DeafBlind
  • Voice interpreting for the Blind
  • Closed captioning for anyone

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Sunday fellowship meal

Join us after church every Sunday for a free meal. We eat, chat, watch football, and relax. Often we also provide bread, pastries, or fruit from the Maryland Food Bank to take home. 


What to expect

We open worship at 12 noon by lighting candles and ringing a gong and hitting a drum. Many people are dressed casually, others are dressed formally depending on their comfort level. There may be children running around-we love that! Through worship you will see the Deaf choir perform, a sermon in ASL, and most importantly, people worshiping our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.